Предложения со словом COULD

I will be able to swim soon.

Could we have a table near the window, please?

You could guess by the look of his face.

Could you explain to me what a point is?

The distance which his eye could embrace was waste.

Could you please give a window seat to my wife?

Simple / Perfect Infinitive Can / Could

He could not rest till he got his wish.

One could see it with half an eye.

I could drink the sea dry.

It was wonderful that we could see each other.

I could not sleep for the heat.

I could swim when I was 10.

I could not stick the envelope.

It could become extremely serious.

I could fly for joy.

Nobody could get a blind bit of sense out of him.

He was not in cash, and could not send the five pounds.

Simple / Perfect Infinitive

Daddy undid my hood so I could have a better view.

Simple Infinitive Will be able to

Could you explain your policy to me?

You could easily lose yourself in the book.

Could you explain that to me again? — Of course.

You could have helped us.

Be careful, you could end up by getting hurt.