Предложения со словом DID

When did you start out as a lawyer?

Did you eat ice cream and chocolate in the morning?

To begin with, I did not see him.

Did you go to the park with your dog yesterday?

The reason why she did it is a mystery.

Did you meet him?

She did play the role. Она на самом деле играла эту роль.

Did you order it when you bought your ticket?

I did see her in the office yesterday. Я точно видел ее в офисе вчера.

Did you receive any notice about the sale?

How did you come by that beautiful picture?

Did you visit your grandmother last summer?

He did not care to put himself to the least trouble.

Did you write a new letter to your friend in the morning?

He did it well enough.

Fat lot of good it did me!

He did even better.

He did it by force of habit.

Did your son get in? Mine did.

He did it without my knowledge.

Did you watch a new film about animals and birds?

He did the same thing as you.

Did you sleep last night?

How much did you realize on the house?

Did you put down a new floor?

She did her best to win the race.

Did you notice her?

The lock did not give.

Did you make it with that girl we met?

They did write the article. Они действительно написали статью.

Did you go there last Sunday?

What did you get out of the deal?

Did you do your homework yesterday?